Elected Officials
Title Name Telephone/Email
Supervisor Dan Gallagher
517-536-8694   ext 210
Clerk John Hummer
517-536-8694   ext 205
Treasurer Anita Graham
517-536-8694   ext 206
Trustee Julie Wilson  
Dan Wymer



Assessing Department
Title Name Telephone/Email
Assessor Susan German
517-536-8694   ext 203
Assessor's Assistant   517-536-8694   ext 208

Deputies and Office Staff
Title Name Telephone/Email
Deputy Clerk Libby Chase
517-536-8694   ext 202
Deputy Treasurer Rose Taylor 517-536-8694   ext 200

Ordinance Enforcement Officer
Title Name Telephone/Email
Enforcement Officer Jeff Kirkpatrick
517-536-4487 ext. 279


Police Officers
Title Name Telephone/Email
Police Chief Duaine Pittman 517-536-4487  ext. 226
Deputy Chief Matt Peters
517-536-4487  ext. 271
Sergeant Philip Rutledge RETIRED
Deputy Chief Steven Wendry RETIRED
Corporal Christopher Desnoyer 517-536-4487  ext. 262
Officer Keith Scrumpler
517-536-4487 ext. 264
Officer Amber Cook
517-536-4487 ext. 269
Officer Josh Watson  517-536-4487 ext. 261
 Officer David Batterson  517-536-4487 ext. 266
Officer Santino White
517-536-4487  ext. 265
Sergeant Mark Hodshire 517-536-4487 ext. 263
Officer Denise Balinski
517-536-4487  ext. 268
Officer George Truchan 517-536-4487 ext. 273
Officer Christopher Jacobson 517-536-4487 ext. 275
Police Clerk Peggy Sundermeyer 517-536-4487   ext 220

Fire Department
Title Name Telephone/Email
Fire Chief
Greg Bickford 517-536-8664   ext 241
Asst. Fire Chief
Jeremy Holbrook
517-536-8664 ext. 244

Township Board
Title Name Term Expiration
Supervisor Dan Gallagher
Clerk John Hummer
Treasurer Anita Graham
Trustee Julie Wilson
Trustee Dan Wymer

Zoning Board Of Appeals
Title Name  
Chair Allen Roden
Member/Board Liaison Julie Wilson
Member/PC Liaison Jeff Kirkpatrick
Member/Secretary Janet  Day  
Member William Rolston
Alternate Susan Sayles
Zoning Administrator John  Worden 517-536-8694   ext 209

Planning Commission
Title Name Term Expiration
Chair Scott Miles
Vice Chair/
ZBA Liason
 Jeff Kirkpatrick
Board Liaison
John Hummer
Member Heidi Richardson  
Member Mark Larocque
Member James Gray
Zoning Administrator John Worden 517-536-8694   ext 209

Board Of Review
Title Name Term Expiration
Chair Bill Rolston  
Member  Janet Day  
Member  Dick Tallman  
Supervisor Dan Gallagher
 517-536-8694 ext 210