Police Department

Chief: Duaine Pittman (517) 536-4487 ext 226                       Important Numbers
               email at: Dpittman@napoleontwppolice.com                         Police Services – DIAL 911

Clerk: Peggy Sundermeyer (517) 536-4487 ext 220                                                       
               email at:

Administrative Request (517) 536-4487 ext 220                     
Napoleon Township Police are dispatched by Jackson Emergency Dispatch 911 Center for BOTH emergency and non-emergency calls. To contact the Officer on Duty dial Ext. 220.  To leave a message for any other officer see our contact list for name, phone number and email.

Call (517) 536-4487 ext 220 for accident and police reports.  A minimum $5.00 charge applies per report.

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